100 frs/h
250 frs / half-day
400 frs /day

900 frs
3 days / 2 nights
group package of 4 p. at 20 p.

accommodation costs extra

(+41) 078 610 80 06

50 frs/h 


(full body oil massage)
130 frs/ 100 min


( yogatherapy - massage - meal)
200 frs / 180 min

Individual social discount 20.-

20 frs on site
(cook at home price on request)

The programs are practicable in both private and public domains. Specific sessions are adapted for the private sector, in the workplace and within the framework of associations. The modules can be followed by video conference (Zoom) only for people who have already practiced these techniques or for individual or group coaching. A certificate of donation or participation will be issued on request. The courses take place from 4 people. Everyone practices under their own responsibility according to their health condition. In exceptional cases, medical authorization will be requested. All profits go to the non-profit MATER Association.

Address and place of jurisdiction: av. Edouard Muller 18, 1814 La Tour-de-Peilz