It gives the life impulse to the body and animates the mind. The quality of health is closely related to breathing. Breathing is the only vital function that can be consciously controlled and directed. It has a close connection with the nervous system. It energizes the immune system, oxygenates the blood and vital organs, eliminates excess carbon and impure waste of all kinds, physical but also psychic. Breath management can alter the rhythm of the heart, hormonal secretions and brain waves, thus influencing overall healing and bringing about transformation of existence. It is the most important way to preserve health, increase the resistance of the organism and stabilize mental disturbances by intervening on the subconscious: it is the bridge that leads the ego to the heart.

A specific movement accompanied by breathing and sometimes sound, sends a spontaneous flow of vital energy through the meridians. This produces pressure on reflex zones, thus creating a determined action in the endocrine and lymphatic systems. This action leads to a complete manifestation which reactivates the secretions and eliminates the masks and emotional blockages crystallized in the body. It dissolves the energetic nodes which are memories inscribed by the mind. Working directly on the body brings the release in our psyche of its automatisms or traumas buried in the subconscious. By giving the vital energy the possibility of circulating freely through the meridians, all the organs will be regenerated and the vital functions stimulated. This will have the consequence of stabilizing the sympathetic and parasympathetic system and thus circulating the vital energy by harmonizing the whole of the being.

Eating is an act of health that goes through the stomach but also through the 5 senses. Food must first be considered as medicine and nourished as a noble and sacred action. Today, the degenerating world of life imposed by a sick society, pushes the majority of humans to eat chemically denatured foods, to eat quickly without consciousness, in noise, to see in a state of distraction and above all too much and convulsively. Foods processed in excess, filled with synthetic products, lose all their vital substances bringing only coarse matter to the body. By their regular absorption, the body will make more effort to evacuate all the toxins ingested, which will weaken it by rapidly weakening its natural immunity. But we are not only what we eat but above all how we eat. Thinking and feeling having a strong influence on the assimilation of any form of food, it is essential to have a healthy relationship with sounds, smells, tastes, touch but also social and love relationships, nature and animals.

When the organs get flushed, immediately the glands change their secretions. Contact with cold water excites the heart, constricts blood vessels and concentrates blood flow to vital organs. The body, by its own virtue, creates heat which can repel the feeling of coldness. 2 minutes in a cold shower causes a significant electrical surge in the brain and immediately activates the immune system. It increases the secretion of endorphins which have the reputation of mimicking the pain-relieving effects of morphine but also of causing a feeling of well-being. Cold water also stimulates the production of norepinephrine in the brain, a hormone that alleviates depression. If the glandular system secretes correctly, then the chemical composition of the blood will be rejuvenated, bacteria and viruses squeezed out, all neuroses and anger will disappear. The glands are the guardians of health and life. No exercise, even done for hours, will stimulate the cells and the mind like cold water.

The root of medication and meditation is in Latin "medicus", which means "to make whole" or "which heals". Meditation is not an escape but a serene encounter with reality. To submit to the whims of the schematized emotions, with which the mind has identified, is the tragedy of humans. Meditation is the means of bringing the subconscious, the unconscious and the superconscious to the source of thought. She learns to direct the mind to serve consciousness and creates authentic communication with our actions. This is the only method to do a regular cleansing of the mind and to free up space to welcome new information.

Acting on vital energy, Ayurvedic massages allow relaxation and revitalization of the whole Being and are an excellent way to regain balance, connection to oneself, health and well-being. Affecting the body as a whole, they stimulate reflex points qualified as strategic crossroads of energy currents, thus acting on the whole organism by unblocking physical crystallizations. Finally, this practice acts on the psychic favoring a better resistance to everyday anxieties, allowing the initiation of the natural healing system of the human being and bringing extreme joy through the secretion of serotonin.