How Does a Healthy Human Work?
It is animated by 3 neural centers from which it emits waves which create a frequency for it. Emotions and thought flow freely through its physical and subtle parts and animates it into full awareness of its identity. A healthy human being lives in harmony the relationship with all his various systems which collaborate in synchronicity with his 5 senses and the 5 elements of nature. He is in a permanent state of joy and awareness, serving the world around him. At maturity, it is a realized being whose presence awakens, inspires and heals.





Body of subtle matter, servant of consciousness, it is automatic, producer of a thousand thoughts per blink of an eye and always active. The mind likes to solve problems. The ego regularly brings the human to judgments or attachments because the mind is filled with identifications with emotions, concussions and patterns stored in the subconscious and the unconscious. Having a relationship with the mind makes it possible to restore the psychic disorder and to free the spirit which activates the self-healing system, obstructed by an inadequate and automated way of thinking.

"Our mind is our worst enemy and best friend: when we become his slave he limits us, when we take it under control it opens up all possibilities for us."

How does it work?
The Soul impels the mind and activates the intellect to produce a thought. Mixed with subtle matters and the 3 aspects of the mind, this thought provokes feelings and emotions and then materializes into desires causing action. All thoughts, emotions and desires are poured into the subconscious and then the unconscious. It is from this area that the reactive and harmful impulses rise to the surface if the mind is not brought under control to direct the ego in the service of the heart. As a result, emotion masked by unconscious patterns and automatisms becomes concussion. When the mind takes hold of it, it creates a lifestyle out of alignment with the aspirations of consciousness and makes us submissive and reactive beings to the impulses of the misdirected ego.

Every human being has a spirit. Its vibrational frequency moves thoughts very quickly. Spirit works on matter through the Soul which expresses itself through the energy of Love. He alone has the ability to touch it, shape it, heal it and direct it.

"True Love is healing: it opens up to forgiveness, compassion and empathy. Everything else is mental fantasy and ego manipulation. It is not you who loves, but the Love within you."

How to love? 
To understand what love really is, you have to stop thinking of it as a feeling. To love is not to have a feeling. Feeling is subject to inner variations, whereas true love is an energy that emanates from us and within us through the secretion of humans such as oxytocin and serotonin. The love that is constantly spreading frees us from all psychic interference. When it activates, all the organs, all the cells and all the physiological faculties agree with all the senses and the elements to vibrate in harmony by a healthy mind and to make every act conscious.