Make meditation an art of life. Make meditation the science of life. Because with just that, and with that alone, you can develop intuition. And when intuition awakens, the prosperity opens up to you.


This course is designed to respect the innate configuration of the mind in accordance with the instruction of Kundalini Yoga and gradually incorporate the different phases that lead to the awakening of consciousness. Intensive three-phase practice of seven dynamic meditations to move through the twenty-one levels of spiritual unfoldment and attain ultimate self-realisation.

The meditations can be practised individually to work on various facets of the psyche. The benefits of each meditation are independent and the experiences of one support the progress of the next, passing through three phases marked by different states of consciousness. The overall objective is to purify the mind and to move out of ego identification by experiencing the Self. At the end of this exploration, love, compassion and kindness become the core of this experience to feel like a complete human being. The vision of reality is clear and true. Meditation then becomes an art of living.

Identify, experience, deal with obstacles and reluctance such as weariness, annoyance and dissatisfaction. Beginning to focus, recognise and balance the essential core: the deep self. The progression begins with the perception of the self detached from all disturbances, feelings and sensory stimulation.

Cultivate an awareness of one's own being in relation to the actions of the external environment. To fulfil oneself as an individual, to live ideas fully and to manifest them with modesty, courtesy and elevation. To maintain and acquire tranquillity and inner peace at the very heart of every action.

To move towards truth and harmony by overcoming divergence. To maintain a higher identity, the infinite Self within the finite Self, and to achieve real spontaneity, creativity and serenity in the course of existence. To shine and radiate from the soul. To welcome intuition into a sacred space. To love life, bless the universe and glorify eternity.