It stimulates the vitality of the body and enlivens the mind. The quality of health is closely linked to the breath. Breathing is the only vital function that can be consciously controlled and directed. It is closely linked to the nervous system. It strengthens the immune system, oxygenates the blood and vital organs, eliminates excess carbon and impure waste of all kinds, whether physical or psychological. Breath management can alter heart rhythms, hormonal secretions and brain waves, thus influencing overall healing and leading to the transformation of existence. It is the most important way to maintain health, strengthen the body's resistance and stabilise mental disturbances by working on the subconscious mind: it is the bridge that connects the ego to the heart.

A specific movement combined with breathing and sometimes sound allows vital energy to flow spontaneously through the meridians. This exerts pressure on reflex zones, generating a specific action on the endocrine and lymphatic systems. This action generates a complete manifestation that reactivates secretions and eliminates emotional blockages crystallized in the body. It also dissolves the energetic knots that represent the memories inscribed by the mind. Working directly on the body allows us to free our psyche from automatisms or traumas buried in the subconscious. By restoring the free flow of vital energy in the meridians, all organs are regenerated and vital functions are stimulated. This stabilises the sympathetic and parasympathetic system, thus promoting the harmonious circulation of vital energy throughout the whole being.

Feeding is an essential practice for maintaining good health, requiring the use of all five senses in addition to the stomach. It is important to consider food as a form of medicine, and to eat as a noble and sacred action. Today, the degenerative lifestyle imposed by a sick society leads most people to eat in a fast and distracted manner, often in noise and by consuming chemically modified foods. These processed foods often contain synthetic substances that remove their nutritional value and do not benefit the body. In addition, regular consumption of these foods can quickly weaken the immune system by forcing the body to work hard to expel ingested toxins. Our health depends not only on what we eat, but also on how we eat. Thoughts and emotions have a strong influence on the assimilation of food, so it is important to have a healthy relationship with sounds, smells, tastes, touch, as well as social and romantic relationships, nature and animals.

Exposure to cold water immediately causes a change in glandular secretions, stimulates the heart, constricts the blood vessels and concentrates blood flow to the vital organs. The body, using its own capacity, produces heat to repel the sensation of cold. A two-minute cold shower causes a strong electrical stimulation in the brain and immediately activates the immune system. It increases the production of endorphins, which are known to mimic the pain-relieving effects of morphine and provide a feeling of well-being. Cold water also stimulates the production of noradrenaline in the brain, a hormone that relieves depression. If the glands secrete properly, the chemical composition of the blood will be rejuvenated, bacteria and viruses eliminated, and all neuroses and angers will disappear. The glands are the guardians of health and life. No exercise, even if practiced for hours, will stimulate the cells and the mind like cold water.

The word "medicus" in Latin is the basis for the terms "medication" and "meditation", meaning "to heal" or "to make whole". Meditation is not an escape from reality, but rather a peaceful encounter with it. To succumb to the preconceived emotions with which the mind identifies is a tragedy for the human being. Meditation is a way of bringing the subconscious, unconscious and superconscious back to the source of thought. It teaches how to direct the mind to serve consciousness and creates honest communication with our actions. It is the only method of regularly clearing the mind and freeing up space for new information.

Acting on the vital energy, Ayurvedic massages promote relaxation and regeneration of the whole being, offering an excellent method to restore balance, inner connection, health and well-being. By touching the whole body, it activates reflex points considered key energy centres, thus affecting the whole body by releasing physical blockages. Ultimately, this practice has an impact on the mind, helping to better cope with everyday anxieties, stimulating the human being's natural healing system and bringing great joy through the secretion of serotonin.