"Make meditation an art of life. Make meditation the science of life. Because with just that, and with that alone, you can develop intuition. And when intuition awakens, the prosperity opens up to you. "


This path is designed to follow the natural structure of the psyche according to the teaching of Kundalini yoga and to integrate step by step the various states which lead to the awakening of the consciousness. Intensive practice in 3 stages of 7 active meditations to cross the 21 stages of the awakening of the conscience and to arrive at the full realization of oneself.
They can also be practiced independently of each other to work on various facets of the psyche. The benefit of each meditation is autonomous and the experiences of one support the progress of the next going through 3 phases marked by a different state of consciousness. This global process aims to purify the mind and thus allow one to come out of identification with the Ego by living the experience of the Self. At the culmination of this exploration, love, compassion and kindness will become the core of this experience to feel like a whole human being. The view of reality will be crystal clear and true. Meditation will become an art of living.

Recognize, experience, meet blockages and resistances such as boredom, irritation and frustration. Beginning of concentration, identification and stability of the inner core: the Self. The upliftment begins in the feeling of the Self separated from all concussions, emotions and sensory impulses.

Develop a sensitivity to the Self in the face of the activities of the external environment. Become oneself, fully live the projections and express them in humility, politeness and elevation. Maintain and then find calm and serenity at the very heart of each action.

Go towards reality and unity beyond the differences. Stabilize the elevated identity, the infinite Self in the finite Self, and become more spontaneous, more creative and serene in the flow of existence. To excel in the radiance and presence of Soul. Open the sacred space to intuitive presence. To love life, to bless the All and to praise the Infinite.